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For a wide range of companies in an array of industry sectors, R&D tax credits are just waiting to be claimed. No matter which industry or sector your business is based in or how large or small your company is, we have the necessary resources and experience to help small, medium, and large UK businesses determine how eligible they are for claiming R&D tax relief.

UK Businesses are leaving £millions on the table

Is your business missing out on vital R&D tax claims? Here at Recoup Capital, we are a specialist Research and Development tax advisory powered by chartered tax accountants and industry experts. Our intellectual property has been crafted since our inception to extract maximum value from our clients claim preparation in various R&D industry sectors.

We also work to enhance the quality of the claim documents we submit to expedite processing and minimise any follow up queries from the HMRC. We are proud of our 100% track record of submitting successful claims to HMRC, with our average rebate for Recoup Capital clients now sitting at £123,023. Get in touch with us today to see if you’re in a sector that qualifies for R&D tax claims. 

We are pleased to say that we provide solutions to a range of businesses in various R&D applicable sectors. Learn more about the R&D sectors we support below. Here are examples of the R&D sectors we support:

Civil Engineering



Farming & Agriculture

Food & Drink


Print & Packaging

Professional & Consultancy

Retail & Wholesale

Science and Technology


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