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Recoup R&D Tax Credit Partner Programme

We understand accountants strive to continue a great working relationship with their current client base and at Recoup Capital we would like to help strengthen that relationship by ensuring your clients have taken advantage of their R&D tax credit entitlement. We work with some of the UK’s most reputable accountancy and professional firms, taking the work out of their hands leaving them to continue the great work they complete daily.

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Why We Partner To Claim R&D Tax Credits


Our panel of chartered tax accountants and sector specialists are committed to providing an excellent service for UK Limited companies, throughout all sectors. By providing your current client base with the advice needed in order to take advantage of the R&D legislation, enhances your relationship with clients and adding value to your current services. Our chartered tax accountants on average have been successful in maximising existing claims by 200%, due to knowing how to locate the full potential of a claim. This is achieved through our expert led, detailed assessment of your activities.

By working with Recoup Capital you will see your clients business flourish with new a new source of funding, allowing your clients to continue to grow their business and to continue innovation throughout their sector.

How it works

Our R&D tax credit partner programme ensures you and your client get everything you need and more. We see our partnership with accountancy and other professional firms as a vital part of our business and providing a benefit to your service and client base is something we hold sacred. Our experienced team are on-hand to keep all parties up-to-date on the progress of cases submitted from start to finish, providing full transparency throughout.

As a company we work to identify qualifying aspects and expenditure within a business which will allow for a claim to be submitted. It is our job to keep involvement of senior management and any partnered accountancy firms work to as minimal as possible.

Our promise to you

  • Additional Services – When a client is referred we will only complete the work points set out by you. Leaving you with the peace of mind that your client base will not be approached for additional accountancy services.
  • Marketing – We will produce and provide up-to-date and insightful material that you can use in your client marketing.
  • Transparency – If we are approach by one of your clients directly we will let you know and our existing reward scheme will continue to be applicable.
  • Referral – If we are approached for accountancy services we will refer the work to our partnered accountancy firm local to the business to help build your client base and as a thank you for continued business.
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