Introducing Forever Manchester, Our New Charity Partner

Published 30 November 2020

The champion of local people, Forever Manchester has been supporting communities and changing lives for thirty-one years.

In November, Recoup officially partnered with the charity. Joining their fantastic movement, we can’t wait to help Forever Manchester give back to local communities – a cause close to our hearts.

To celebrate our partnership, we share the fantastic impact of Forever Manchester, detailing how the charity is transforming lives and why we’ve partnered with them.


What does Forever Manchester do?

Forever Manchester works closely with communities, taking a personalised approach by speaking to individuals, finding out what they love about where they live and what they like to do in the neighbourhood.

The charity then raises money to fund and support local people doing extraordinary things that they are passionate about.

Support comes in the form of teams, known as ‘Community Builders’, who work in an area for two years, following a four-staged approach which is often repeated as more locals are brought together.

There are several key goals that the charity looks to achieve from its work.


1. Bringing people together

After meeting individuals and getting to know them better, Forever Manchester introduces and connects people with similar interests, encouraging them to attend a group that they might want to get involved in.

A huge part of why the charity does this is to tackle social isolation. It wants to bring back that critical sense of belonging in communities, helping individuals who are living in isolation feel more connected and supported. One great example of this was the charity’s recent work in Ardwick. You can learn more about it.


2. Turning ideas into reality

With a better understanding of people’s interests, Forever Manchester uses this knowledge to create exciting new projects locals want to get involved in.

For example, new community garden projects are a frequent occurrence. There’s usually some barren, unused land waiting to be rejuvenated. Forever Manchester uses the assets that may already exist in the community and then seeks out people who would like to help transform the space. This brings all kinds of people together, including gardening experts who are eager to pass on their knowledge.

The end result – locals of all ages collaborate to create beautiful green spaces that can be enjoyed for generations to come, making life-long connections along the way. Just take a look at the stunning Sedgemoor Secret Garden.


3. Passing on skills and knowledge

As you’ve already heard, bringing locals together often results in the sharing of niche knowledge. Forever Manchester takes this one step further with its Connection Communities Workshops, designed to help local people add even more value to their communities.

Fun and interactive games facilitate this, which are purposefully catered to explore an individual’s passions and interests in an easy-going environment.

What’s more, the charity encourages participants to share their stories with the rest of the group, inspiring involvement and stimulating the creation of new ideas and groups in the future.


4. Fuelling happiness

Real community deepens and refines a person’s sense of inclusion and belonging, improving their wellbeing.

By involving the people that live in local communities in its projects, Forever Manchester helps to connect individuals together. This is especially important now, as the pandemic restricts people from socialising, meeting new friends and seeing their loved ones.

Forever Manchester continues to bring people together safely, keeping communities strong so that those who need support get the help they need to feel healthier and happier.


Why we partnered with Forever Manchester

As a Manchester-based business that often hires locally, we are inspired by Forever Manchester and its impact on the communities close to us. The charity is a huge asset to our city, and furthering their cause brings us a lot of joy and fulfillment. We are proud to say that we are partnered with them now and want to do everything we can to help increase the Forever Manchester funding pot.


As our Director, Anthony Doran puts it:


“We think it is of paramount importance to give back to our local communities. Forever Manchester is the right partner for us to provide support to local people and causes which are close to all of our employees, with their fantastic initiatives and track record.

“Forever Manchester is a charity that both funds and supports local community initiatives across the Greater Manchester region which ensures that we are making an impact for those who need our support most. This is imperative for us as a local business, with local employees.”


Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on our work with the charity. Additionally, head over to our R&D blog to learn more about our work and how we help business with their R&D tax claims.

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