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Submitting an R&D tax credit claim is easier than you think

An R&D tax credit claim unlocks equity out of your business’ last two years, opening you up to opportunities for reinvestment and growth. The R&D scheme is a government incentive designed to reward companies for innovative products, processes or services in their sector.

The typical SME can reclaim up to 33% of their qualifying expenditure in the form of corporation tax credit. For large companies, it is usually 13% of your qualifying R&D expenditure under the RDEC scheme.


“But I don’t know how to claim R&D tax credit!”

It’s easy if you work with us. We make the R&D tax credit claims process painless. All you need to do is send us your financial information, such as your full accounts for the last two years. Your accountant can help you gather what’s needed.

Then we prepare you for a call with one of our expert chartered tax advisors. This is to draw out the technical challenges faced or the innovations implemented around your products, processes or services. After the call, we handle the rest of the process.

Our panel of specialists in this area have developed a unique approach to creating an R&D tax credit claim, with a highly successful win rate. We can maximise every claim to its full potential thanks to our close relationship with HMRC.

Our clients see funds in their accounts between six to eight weeks. This is completed on a No Win, No Fee basis. We have a 100% track record of submitting successful claims to HMRC.

The average rebate for Recoup Capital clients now sits at £123,023.

Are you eligible for an R&D Tax Credit Claim?

  • Do you design and make products?
  • Do you suggest and provide a more cost-effective process?
  • Do you suggest and provide more time-efficient processes?
  • Do you spend time researching and developing current projects?
  • Do you seek to improve processes, services, materials or devices?
  • Do you make prototypes or perform testing?
  • Do you develop software or IT solutions?
  • Have you invested in failed projects or developed products that are never launched?
  • Have you bettered a process?
  • Do you employ any staff with a technical or scientific background?

Use our R&D eligibility check

6 ways R&D tax is a business growth tool

  1. Create additional cash flow
  2. Attract potential new investors
  3. Reduce an outstanding or upcoming corporation tax bill
  4. Provide money for further investment in innovation
  5. Sharpen your competitive edge
  6. Fund team growth

Start your R&D tax credit claim today

Case Studies

Company A: Property Development

One of the North West’s most reputable property developers with a portfolio worth over £250 million. They specialise in property development in both commercial and residential sectors across the UK.

Tax saving: £371K


Company B: Construction

Our client operates as both Principal Contractor and Contractor in all construction sectors providing bespoke civil engineering and groundworks packages to a range of clients including national and small developers.

Tax saving: £615K


How we work

Helping Yumi Nutrition to boost growth with R&D tax relief

When Sebastien Vanderlinden launched Yumi Nutrition alongside Adam Barker in 2017, he had heard of R&D tax. But he didn’t know how to claim R&D tax credits. He also didn’t know if the business was eligible.

Roll forward three years and the SME has managed to claim £16k in R&D tax relief.

Read the case study

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