How R&D Will Facilitate a Green and Swift Recovery In The UK Following COVID-19: A Summary

Published 9 June 2021

Following the COVID-19 crisis, the UK government is looking to build a future which is greener, fairer, healthier, more resilient and more innovative than ever before. 


Where Does R&D Come Into This?


Research and innovation through the rewards of the R&D Tax Credits scheme will be critically important to achieving this; through creating new ideas and new technologies and applying them, driving continuous improvement and supporting productivity, generating a better understanding of people and communities, supporting exciting new careers and vibrant new businesses, and helping to improve public services. 


How Has R&D Contributed to COVID-19 Research So Far?


Statistics have shown that research contributed by many of the businesses being provided with R&D Tax Credits has rapidly improved our understanding of COVID-19. Supported by rapid action by funding bodies, scientists around the world have directed their efforts to this global priority, working collaboratively across countries and disciplines, and sharing findings openly and quickly. 


Moving Forwards, How Will R&D Contribute?


UK R&D will boost efforts to build resilience to these risks by developing the potential of technologies such as hydrogen, carbon capture use and storage, zero-emission vehicles and zero-carbon industrial processes; as well as nature-based solutions including habitat recovery, afforestation and innovations in building sustainable agricultural and food supply chains.


Research has demonstrated that the pandemic has radically changed people’s behaviours and risk perceptions. Social science expertise is already being used to understand how behaviours are changing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and how they might potentially be sustained to facilitate a green recovery. 


What Does This Mean For Me?


In terms of what this could mean for you, we will help your business seize the moment to harness the ingenuity, creativity and agility shown by the R&D system over the last few months, in turn making the system faster and more responsive, resilient and sustainable, driving up confidence and securing rapid and long lasting benefits for people and businesses right across the UK.


Here at Recoup, we are wholeheartedly behind the strive towards a greener, healthier, and more resilient UK. That’s why we want to help businesses get rewarded with R&D Tax Credits where they are due, and use our expertise to make you the best case. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a part of mass innovation?


Get In Touch Today.


Even if you can’t see it, our experts will help you to find a place where you fit into the R&D Tax Credits scheme, so that you can be rewarded for your contribution to the building of a more innovative future. 


In The Time It Took You To Read This, You Could Have Qualified For An R&D Claim, what are you waiting for? Start Now, Be Rewarded Sooner.


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9 June 2021