Submitting a complaint
The Firm seeks to provide customers and potential customers with excellent customer
service. However, in the event that a customer or potential customer wants to lodge a
complaint to the Firm they are able to do so by email, telephone or post. A complaint can be
lodged on the below:
 Telephone: 0800 327 7514
 Email:
 Post: Ivy Mill Business Centre, Ivy Mill, Crown Street, Failsworth M35 9BD

The Firm endeavours to send complainants a written acknowledge of complaints within 5
business days of receipt.
Complaints investigation
The Firm will investigate the subject matter of the complaint and, where required, may
contact the complainant to obtain further information to adequately investigate the
complaint. The nature of the investigation will depend on the nature of the complaint but
may involve interviewing relevant staff and listening to call recordings.
The Firm will ensure that the individual(s) involved in investigating complaints are
independent and have not been involved in the events complained about.
Final response
The Firm will endeavour to issue a final written response to the complaint within 8 weeks of
initial receipt.
The Firm’s final response will either:
 Accept the complaint and, where appropriate, offer redress or remedial action;
 Offer redress or remedial action without accepting the complaint; or
 Reject the complaint and give reasons for doing so.
If the Firm is not in a position to issue a final response within 8 weeks the complainant will be
provided with a written response explaining why the Firm is not in a position to issue a final
response and set out the date by which the Firm expects to be able to issue one.
The Firm will conduct a review of this policy on an annual basis, or sooner, if triggered by
internal changes (e.g. business process changes) or external changes (e.g. changes in law).