Who is Recoup?

We are one of the fastest-growing research and development tax specialists in the UK focused on helping businesses thrive through the R&D tax scheme.

Our chartered tax advisers have over 1000 successful claims and a 100% success rate. There are fifteen specialists in our panel covering all sectors typically eligible for R&D tax relief. They each have over 15 years’ experience in R&D and understand how to maximise a claim. Because of this, we always get the best possible results for our clients.


Our Story

Before Recoup was launched, we were just like you – innovators seeking to leverage the R&D tax scheme for our businesses.

Our first experience of processing an R&D claim was frustrating. It became clear that this was a massively misunderstood area with inadequate support.

Realising that the process can be painless and simple, we wanted to help other business owners reap the many benefits of R&D. Especially when it came to confidently pursuing innovation.

And so Recoup was launched with a clear purpose – to help businesses flourish through R&D tax relief.


Our Purpose

So many businesses miss out on R&D tax relief because they think putting in a claim will be too time-consuming or that R&D isn’t relevant to their business. And that doesn’t just equal missing out on money. It’s losing out on:

  • Improving your products and services
  • Surviving difficult times
  • Growing your team
  • Unlocking new opportunities
  • Adding more value for customers
  • Igniting change in your industry
  • Sharpening your competitive advantage
  • Achieving your vision for the future


That’s exactly what we mean by ‘helping businesses thrive through R&D tax relief.’ Our purpose is to help you unlock these benefits. Why?

We’ve been in your shoes and understand the struggles that keep you awake at night. We can’t stand by and do nothing armed with the knowledge to help. As we like to say, when you’re better, we’re better.

Over the years, this purpose has helped us to cultivate strong values that shape how we work.


Our Values

1. Survive and thrive

  • Keeping you in business by releasing R&D funds
  • Rewarding you for innovation as you develop and grow
  • Sharpening your competitive edge


2. Take nothing for granted

  • Deepening our understanding of R&D and how it applies to your business
  • Being passionate about you and your business
  • Understanding your future challenges and opportunities


3. Think strategically

  • Treating R&D as a strategic business decision
  • Helping you achieve your long-term plans
  • Exploring our strategic relationship


4. Be industry experts

  • Deepening our understanding of your business, your sector and the innovations that stand out
  • Connecting you to an unrivalled business network that is constantly growing


5. Boost the economy

  • Facilitating and funding innovation, solutions and great ideas for a thriving market
  • Putting innovative businesses at the heart of the UK economy
  • Unlocking the funds to invest in growth


We live and breathe these values every day to ensure you are fully supported and inspired to innovate.


Who We Work With

Any business from any industry. There are no set criteria. What matters is the work you’re doing. If you’re innovating to improve your products, services, customer experiences or the industry itself, chances are we can work with you.

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