5 Core Benefits of Becoming a Recoup R&D Partner

Published 9 December 2020

Recoup has unlocked equity in the millions for businesses across the country, with an average R&D tax rebate of £123,023. For every claim, success is guaranteed.

We work with the most skilled and experienced experts in the UK to ensure this. Become a R&D partner and you can expect the same level of commitment and results.

Gain tailored R&D tax relief advice for you, your clients or your community, access to an unrivalled business network, quality referrals and an additional revenue stream. Keep reading to learn more about becoming a Recoup R&D partner.


Recoup’s R&D partner scheme uncovered

“Individual commitment to a group effort—that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work.”
– Vince Lombardi

Our partner schemes were created to bring brilliant and talented people together. So businesses can collaborate and make the best possible impact on individual livelihoods, organisations, and the wider UK economy.

We have two R&D partner schemes, one for businesses and one for individuals.

The backbone of our business partnerships is our two-way referral programme. We support you through smart referrals. In return, you send businesses our way that will benefit from R&D tax relief support.

For individuals, you can use our partnership as a revenue stream or to supplement your income – we give you financial rewards for successful referrals.


This is how our partnership schemes work:

1. We have a discovery call to talk about your business and see if we’re a good fit for each other
2. We provide you with the education and assets needed around R&D tax relief to help you and your network
3. You introduce us to business owners who may be entitled to R&D tax relief
4. We help them find evidence that they qualify for R&D tax credits and work to maximise their claim
5. You benefit from a referral fee and the perks of building stronger relationships with businesses in your network

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of being a Recoup R&D partner.


1. Become an expert on R&D tax relief

We educate you on one of the most exciting schemes in the UK rewarding businesses for innovation. On top of face-to-face discussions, we provide you with exclusive collateral, such as case studies and qualifying checklists for your industry.

R&D tax relief was introduced by the government in 2000 to incentivise UK businesses to invest in science and technology advancements.

Roll forward to 2020 and prime minister Boris Johnson upped the R&D investment from seven billion to twenty-two billion per year. Simply put, R&D tax relief is here to stay and the scope of its value is exponential for businesses in many sectors.

Becoming an expert means you can leverage the R&D scheme to its fullest potential, and in turn, help your clients do the same, adding more value to your relationships.


2. Expand your business network

Our current network is as vast as it is valuable. Belong to a thriving network of unique communities. You’ll:

● Gain fresh perspectives from experts in and outside of your industry
● Find quality suppliers that meet your criteria
● Discover new customer bases
● Unlock cross-promoting opportunities
● Explore various networking events

And ultimately, forge a greater sense of belonging and purpose.


3. Achieve your targets through referrals

We always look to reciprocate value through introductions. Our two-way referral programme connects you directly with warm leads, helping you meet your sales and revenue targets.

We position you as a provider of choice, unlocking a consistent and reliable source of referrals. You gain the time and energy to nurture new relationships rather than scouring the earth for customers, relieving you of stress.


4. Add value to your client relationships

Become a partner and get exclusive access to R&D tax relief support for your clients, helping them get capital back into their firm at crucial times.

By adding value to your client relationships through this service, you build trust and gain a competitive advantage by delivering a higher ROI.

If you’re an accountant or own an accountancy firm, when a client is referred, we only complete the work points set out by you. Your client base will not be approached for additional accountancy services.


5. Gain an additional revenue stream

We give you rewards for successful referrals, enabling you to use our partnership as a revenue stream or to supplement your income.

Moreover, a lot of what’s available for businesses in difficult climates – CBILS, waiving vat, bounce back loans – is kicking the can down the road. R&D is much more powerful, essentially unlocking equity out of your last two years’ costs.

With direct access to R&D tax relief support, you and your clients can breathe easier during these uncertain times, gaining an extra source of revenue that is consistent, robust and an effective tool for business growth.

A word from an existing partner:


“Recoup has been a real asset to my business. I have introduced them to many of my contacts in the property industry; who have been truly grateful. The majority of my contacts have either not been aware of R&D, or have not claimed to its full potential. Recoup have shown them how R&D claims can be hassle-free, in turn adding value to my client relationships. Ultimately, the team are always willing to go the extra mile for their partners and clients. It’s a pleasure collaborating with them.“

– Recoup Partner


Claim your benefits

Join our R&D partnership scheme to:

1. Become an expert on R&D tax relief
2. Expand your business network
3. Achieve your sale targets through referrals
4. Add value to your client relationships
5. Gain an additional revenue stream


Get in touch with us today to start the partnership process. Alternatively, head over to our R&D blog to learn more insights into the world of making a R&D tax claim.

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